MB-77HS System – ALUPROF

Brief description of the product:
Frame depth 174mm
Leaf depth 77mm
Glazing thickness mm 13.5 – 58.5 mm
Frame 48mm
Leaf 94.5 – 105.5 mm
  • Durable and slim profiles allow the construction of low-threshold doors with leaf weight of up to 400 kg, height of
    3.2 m and width of 3.3 m.
  • Wide scope of fillings, adjusted to use of single or dual chamber sets, as well as thermal breaks and additional accessories combined with insulating insert, allow to gain very good thermal and acoustic parameters of construction.
  • Glazing beads are available in three visual versions: Standard (square), Prestige (round) and Style (shaped).
  • Closed shape of glazing beads and anti-levering details allow to increase anti-burglary features without changing essential construction elements of door.
  • Special shape of closing and glazing gaskets together with appropriate fittings provide high water and air tightness.
  • Profiles are adjusted for installation of many available fittings locked manually or automatically.
  • High compatibility rate with MB-86 system enables esthetical combination of MB-77HS doors with windows, as well as using common production components.
  • Wide range of colors allows any arrangements of doors and unique interior and external design.