Innovative center gasket used as you wish

The new system GEALAN S 9000 with a depth of 82,5mm combines the features and benefits of the seal of the middle and resistance. The width of the system, six chambers in the frame and sash and a coherent system of distribution of seals in three planes are the guarantors for excellent thermal insulation. The windows in the system S 9000 to satisfy the highest expectations.

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation system S 9000 is not the case and the result of thorough research and development. The results speak for themselves. Numerous calculation proved achieve excellent thermal insulation parameters. From the beginning, the aim of the project was to achieve Uf = 0.92 W / m²K using standard steel reinforcements and thus meet the passive house standard. This was achieved thanks to the synergy of innovative elements used in the design of this system.

Success is in the details

The S 9000 has an intelligent sealing system with seals arranged in three planes. In order to improve the thermal insulation side is further equipped with a seal podszybową. Also, depth (26 mm) rear glazing increases thermal insulation windows.

  1. 6 chambers in the frame and 6 chambers in the wing
  2. Identical geometry of the steel frame and wing
  3. Coherent system of seals in three planes
  4. Deeper seating of the glazing thanks to the rebate height of 26 mm.

Improved statics thanks STV® – static and thermal-Variant

Invented by the company GEALAN technology STV® (static and thermal-variant) is a durable gluing glazing and sash using specially invented adhesive tape, leaving the classic klockowania glazing. Bonding of the glazing to the wing causes the rigidity of the glass is transferred to the wing and the whole system achieves greater stability. As a result, the windows in standard sizes can be produced entirely without steel reinforcements. While using STV® together with the standard steel reinforcement, you can produce a particularly large windows.