MB-45 – ALUPROF system

Brief description of the product:
Frame depth door/window): 45 mm
Leaf depth (door / window): 45 mm / 54mm
Glazing thickness mm (fixed door and wndow / opened window) 2-25 mm / 2 -34mm
Frame (door / window)
66,5 mm / 43,5 mm
Leaf (door / window) 75 mm / 27,5 mm
Max RU window parameters (HxL) H till 2400mm (1850 mm)
L till 1250 mm (1600 mm)
Max leaf door parameters (H x L) H till 2400 mm (2200 ml), L till 1250 mm (1400 mm)
Max leaf weight (door / window) 120kg /130kg
Possible solutions Fixed walls and windows, casement windows, tilt, tilt-turn, door opening and inside, groove-fitted doors, walls with doors, smokeproof doors
  • functions variety and ways of opening windows and doors are adapted to users’ needs
  • wide variant choice of doors sealings and the shape, height of thresholds
  • glazing beads of three types: Standard, Prestige, Style
  • the possibility of bending profiles and arched structures building