System Features at a glance::
Material: the outer surface profiles with RAU-PVC formulation without content of cadmium and lead core profiles of recyclate
Wall thickness: CEN B according to EN 12608 resp. RAL-B
Seals MD system with center seal
AD system with seals odbojowymi
Depth profiles 80 mm
Number of chambers frame 7, wing 6, wing door: 5
Heat transfer coefficient Uf: MD windows to 0.94 W / m2K; AD to 1.0 W / m2K
exterior doors up to 1.2 W / m2K
Waterproof: 9 Class A according to EN 12208
Air permeability: Class 4 according to EN 12207
Surface finish: veneering wood-decorative foils
and in colors similar to RAL, painting colors
RAL lacquered aluminum covers
  • the highest thermal insulation, ideal for low-energy houses
    and for building renovation
  • profiles 6- or 7-chamber
  • application for windows and balcony doors
  • extremely smooth surface profiles through technology REHAU HDF – High Definition Finishing
  • It offers classic rebated wing and wing rounded
  • Classical frame diagonal
  • rich palette of colors
  • Retaining supporting hardware by three walls made of PVC, or in addition to reinforcing steel
  • dehydration better and easier cleaning windows through the hollow rebate glass in the frame