Brief description of the product:
Heat transfer coefficient: Uf till 0,86 W/m2K*
Uf till 0,79 W/m2K (certified for passive houses)*
Profile depth: 86 mm / six-chamber system
air permeability (DIN EN 12207): till 4 class
Sound insulation: Rw = 47 dB for glass with acoustic insulation of 50 dB,while maintaining optimal thermal protection parameters
tightness of rainwater
(DIN EN 12208):
9 A
Burglary resistance: till WK 3 class, WK 2 class achieved without the use of steel reinforcement, while maintaining optimal thermal protection parameters
HDF profiles surface
(High Definition Finishing)
durable, smooth, weather resistant, easy to clean
  • ideal solution for modern, low-energy houses and the thermomodernization
  • passive houses certificated system
  • meets the highest quality requirements

* Uf = profile heat transfer coefficient