The new system HST

The new system HST 82.5 mm based on the platform of S 9000

Increased thermal insulation plays a key role also in the traveling elements. Therefore, the popular window systems 2-chamber glass packages are increasingly used in large-size sliding elements. Created by GEALAN new system of sliding doors HST S 9000 it is equipped with adapted to the wide glazing sash depth of 82.5 mm, and is an important complement to S 9000 platform.

The possibility of additional thermal insulation

Depending on your needs, there is the possibility that, under the HST system S 9000 further increase the thermal insulation. In the standard variant (without attachments) system HST S 9000 reaches a very good coefficient of thermal insulation equal to Uf = 1.3 W / m2K. This is the result of a carefully thought-out, to sophisticated design of the entire system. Innovative 5-chamber frame construction system HST S 9000 includes 3 spacious chamber. Placing steel reinforcements in two extreme chambers effectively isolates them from each other. Created by GEALAN and proven in other systems, innovative technologies such as STV® or IKD® can be used effectively here as well. Eg. IKD® after the introduction of the foam in the center chamber can significantly increase the thermal insulation. The modular design of the system HST S 9000 allows the construction of the sliding door in the standard variant, thermal insulation and a version with improved insulation. Both variants are possible to achieve in a simple and uncomplicated way.


Well thought-out details

The visible part of the frame has a height of 65 mm, so guides for roller shutters can be installed without the need of adding additional extension profiles. In addition, the system HST S 9000 are compatible extend to a depth of 74 mm and 82.5 mm. So the whole system is designed to meet a variety of customer requirements. Sophisticated design 5-chamber side with a height of 100 mm face also affects the increase of thermal insulation. Due to the increasingly mounted 3-hole packages designed a special, extra walls within the fitting groove. The HST S 9000 is suitable for mounting glazing with a depth of 52 mm and with a tape STV® a depth of 54 mm. With extruded seals and thoughtful design has been optimized steel process and processing time. It contributes to the clever system zaklipsowywania additional elements.

Innovative design variant

For people, for which the maximum illumination of rooms are particularly important GEALAN has created a special version of the S 9000 HST design. In this embodiment, the normal side fixed segment is replaced by a profile of a glass of which the width of the face compared to the normal side is reduced by over 50%. This increases the part of the window and light penetration into the interior. While the version of the classic fixed element is built from a standard wing profile, low profile glassed-in version of the design segment is fixed very firmly clipped to the frame. Glazing of this element runs in the traditional way, because the rebate is the same as in other parts of platforms S 9000 and fit in here all system strips. It is therefore possible glazing packets to a thickness of 52 mm. Coefficient of thermal insulation version of the design is almost the same as in the classic version, and there are no additional restrictions dimensional. The same maximum dimensions of wings as the classic version.

The rich color palette

HST system S 9000 is available in a variety of embodiments finish. In the classic white version, in a rich palette of veneers uniform smooth and the structure of wood-and also in the unique technology acrylcolor. Within the platform, S 9000 in force expanded palette of 8-śmiu acrylcolor colors and items made with this technology are characterized by exceptional durability. For those who want to get the effect of aluminum is designed system overlays of aluminum, which can be painted powder coated to any RAL color.